Golden Rule Retrievers

Golden Rule Retrievers

Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles bred for therapy, service and companionship


We call it home and we’re happy to share it with you. Come and see for yourself where our puppies are raised.

In Buffalo, Texas, halfway between Dallas and Houston, Golden Rule is set on the rolling hills at the edge of the east Texas pine forest. Our homestead has been in the family for three generations and our family continues to make memories here doing what we love. The DogSquad has first class accommodations that include air conditioning on hot summer days along with two ponds, a creek and a couple of swimming holes. An afternoon spent at Golden Rule may find you sitting on the back porch with a glass of sweet tea, watching the deer grazing and the Goldens napping under the shade of an old oak tree. You might also see puppies climbing into the pirate ship as they chase each other in the playground.



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Buffalo, Texas

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What sets us apart?

we give. a lot.

When our journey was just beginning, we knew we wanted to serve others. Over the years, we have developed a love for helping public servants and members of our military add quality canines to their homes and careers. Some of our families are inundated with medical bills; they aren’t thinking about finding the money to add a dog to their already stressed lives. That’s where we come in. Many friends and family members wanted to be involved in our mission, but we were unable to accept donations. In 2019, we achieved nonprofit status for our awesome K9U program, Bella’s Buddies. All puppy and trained dog donations are now processed through Bella’s Buddies.

healthy dogs

The DogSquad’s health is always on our minds. We constantly research the best foods and treats. They exercise daily, both mind and body. We feed a quality dog food that has never had a recall due to salmonella, high vitamin D, low taurine levels or any other canine health risk. 86% of our families continue to feed Victor long after the puppies leave Golden Rule. We DNA test each adult dog using Embark Veterinary, Inc.. Dr. Erin Chu, Senior Veterinary Geneticist, is always at the ready when we call her with questions. We are blessed to have a close relationship with our veterinarian, Dt. Denise Easterling. If Doc doesn’t know the answer, you can bet she will find it!

Puppy protocol

When a litter of puppies is born at Golden Rule, we are right by mom’s side. We carefully help new moms navigate the whelping process inside our home. We have three rooms dedicated to raising puppies. The whelping room allows enough space for the dog mom and the human mom. The nursery is in close proximity to the laundry and kitchen. Mom and puppies move there during week 2 so that mom can gain nourishment and puppy linens can be kept clean. The puppy room is open during week 4 as the pups begin to wean and mush (begin eating puppy food). Each day, we exercise a specific task with every puppy. From tickling their paw pads to holding them upside down and playing firework sounds using Alexa, we go above and beyond the traditional Puppy Culture protocol.

We know how to pick ‘em

Our puppy selection process is second to none. From the moment we are contacted by a potential family, we start asking questions. Using the online puppy application as our guide, we learn about wants and needs that are specific to family members. It isn’t just about color and gender. While the puppies are growing, we send pupdates and pictures and we are constantly assessing the puppies. Each puppy builds a profile and s/he grows. During week 6, we temperament test each puppy, performing a battery of assessments that complete the profile. We are able to use these cumulative results to suggest the best matches for each family.

dogs with jobs

It was never our intention to use dogs strictly for breeding. Like you, we have been to kennels and facilities where dogs are held in cages and used strictly for breeding, some of them over and over. When they are too old to have puppies, the breeders don’t care what happens to them. Each member of our DogSquad has a higher purpose. While they are training, and once we know they have what it takes to be a working dog, we breed them. This allows us some control over the early days in the puppies’ lives and the parents’ health. When not in season or on puppy duty, the DogSquad is training or volunteering in some capacity. Our parent dogs are placed permanently between the ages of 2-4. Some become service or therapy dogs while others become emotional support or companion animals.

dogs will be dogs

People often ask if service and therapy dogs every get the chance to “just be dogs”. Boy, do they ever! We live in the county - deer, squirrels, snakes…you name it. Several acres of the property are protected by a game fence. The dogs have access to this area via the dog run. They dig holes, play with the Jollyballs, run, play, swim, bark, run some more, and sometimes they argue. They eat pupsicles, watch DogTV, take walks to the mailbox, bark at the school bus and lick the UPS guy. But when they don their vests, they are all business. They love playing and relaxing, but they live for being with people. They love hearing, “Let’s go see the kids!”


If you want to make a difference in the world, you must choose to be different.
— The Dalai Lama


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