Golden Rule Retrievers

Available Adult Dogs

Looking for an older dog?

Occasionally, Golden Rule has adult dogs (ages 2-3 years) who are looking for pet or companion homes. They are loving dogs who have been well cared for and have had some training. They are in no way considered rescues. In fact, they are just the opposite! We do not tire of them after overbreeding. We believe every dog has a mission to complete. That mission isn’t always as a service or therapy dog. A Golden Rule dog who does not make the cut always goes to the best family. If you are interested in welcoming a dog who is being released from our program, please complete the online puppy application and let us know!

Please Note: In the past, Golden Rule Retrievers donated puppies and dogs to individuals and families in need. Due to instances in which recipients were irresponsible in caring for their Golden Rule dogs, we no longer donate puppies or dogs. Law enforcement officers, veterans and active duty military members may still receive a $300 discount. Please be responsible. Spay, neuter, vaccinate, train and microchip!