Golden Rule Retrievers

Golden Retriever Puppies


All photography provided by Amanda Davis

We continually look for ways to improve the whelping process for mother and babies, providing nourishment, enrichment and encouragement so that each puppy has a strong foundation on which to build his or her new life with your family. We are not just breeders. You are not just a consumer. We are family.

Nursery puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. They are learning to stay in the crate and will usually need one potty break at night. They are learning the SIT command and have had one booster of the three-vaccine set that is the standard for puppies.

NURSERY PUPPY: $1,500 ($500 nonrefundable deposit required)

Please Note: In the past, Golden Rule Retrievers donated puppies and dogs to individuals and families in need. Due to instances in which recipients were irresponsible in caring for their Golden Rule dogs, we no longer donate puppies or dogs. Law enforcement officers, veterans and active duty military members may still receive a $300 discount. Please be responsible. Spay, neuter, vaccinate, train and microchip!

With the internet we had almost limitless options for breeders and at the same time a higher risk of finding a bad breeder making false claims. After looking at your website and reading about your story and your incredible work with veterans and people with special needs we felt even better about choosing you.
— Rick and Sandy S, Seattle, washington