Golden Rule Retrievers

Our Work

We spend everyday giving back.


The DogSquad often participates in community events to raise awareness for important causes such as child abuse, PTSD, human trafficking, autism and childhood cancer. We also find time to visit schools, hospitals and nursing homes.


Classroom Cuddles

Members of the DogSquad work in classrooms, helping kids with special needs in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and even reading! The DogSquad offers students the chance to make a mistake without judgment or correction. We also help with behavior support in the areas of bullying, completing tasks and self-worth.

Health Helpers

Our canine buddies help in health-related environments. They can often be found comforting patients young and old in hospitals and nursing facilities. They even make house calls. Some of our puppies have grown up to be VIPs in their families, alerting mom when she is needed in another room or keeping grandma safe. 

Grief Support

It's amazing to watch the Squad help when someone's heart is hurting. They sit quietly, gently touching or lying at the feet of those who are grieving, offering solace without judgment or advice. In this role, they tend to be much more successful than most humans.

Serving Those Who Serve

Serving our nation and protecting its people is a heavy burden. Those who risk their lives everyday in order to maintain or create peace in a torn world deserve our appreciation, understanding and our hugs.