Golden Rule Retrievers

Trained Older Puppies


STAR Golden Retrievers are puppies we keep a little bit longer. We help them to navigate the seas of housebreaking, leash training and other basic obedience skills so you don’t have to. STAR puppies are able to pass their AKC STAR PUPPY evaluation before they go to their new homes.


STAR Puppy Training takes place at Golden Rule. Your puppy will stay with us until he graduates at 16 weeks. Vet costs, vaccinations, food, toys, and all expenses are covered in the STAR Puppy fee.

STAR PUPPY TRAINING will address:: Sit, Down, Stay, Place, crate training, leash training, housebreaking, introduction to navigating public access, interactions with other dogs and strangers, chewing, biting and Canine Good Citizen ready!

STAR PUPPY: $6,200 ($2,000 nonrefundable deposit required)

Please Note: In the past, Golden Rule Retrievers donated puppies and dogs to individuals and families in need. Due to instances in which recipients were irresponsible in caring for their Golden Rule dogs, we no longer donate puppies or dogs. Law enforcement officers, veterans and active duty military members may still receive a $300 discount. Please be responsible. Spay, neuter, vaccinate, train and microchip!

It was such a relief to find the Golden Rule family, to visit your home and to see where the dogs eat, sleep, play and learn. To me, it made all the difference that Ruger was raised in your home using a puppy protocol that covered everything from the sounds of fireworks and sirens to learning the sit command.
— Kevin J, Clovis, NM