Golden Rule Retrievers

Become a Guardian Family

 If you live within 1 hour of our home in Buffalo, Texas, and are interested in participating in our guardian program, please fill out and submit our guardian application form. The information you share helps us determine if our guardian program would be a good fit for you and your family.  Additionally, it helps us in making the very best match between dog and guardian family during the adoption process. Our guardian home gives families the opportunity to do something to help others. Golden Rule selects the puppies that enter into the program, and we retain registration ownership for up to three years. During this time, we will ask that we be able to use the dog as a parent. If the dog is a male, we will require that the dog come to us for a week or so 2-3 times a year. If the dog is a female, we will bring her here to breed and after her cycle, she will go home to you for about six weeks. About two weeks before her puppies are due, we will bring her back to stay with us. She will whelp and nurse here, and the puppies will be raised here using our Puppy Culture protocol. The puppies will wean at around five weeks of age and your baby will come back home to you. We will not breed a female who is older than four years. After his or her last litter, Golden Rule will spay or neuter your dog and registration will be transferred to you for $500t. All veterinary costs aside from those that are breeding-related are the responsibility of the guardian family. We do require proof of vaccines, the feeding of a quality dog food, and a fenced yard.

Please take a moment and thoughtfully answer the questions in the form below regarding your home, family and future puppy. Thank you for considering the Golden Rule Guardian Program!  

Name *
Which breed and sex interests you?
Is your backyard fenced?
Approximately how many hours per day will the dog be alone?
What training plans do you have for your dog?
Where will the dog stay when you are away?
Are you willing to provide general vet care?
Do you understand that the dog will remain the property of Golden Rule retrievers until the breeding obligations have been met?
Are you willing to make the dog available to Golden Rule for breeding/whelping purposes upon our request, and will you provide transportation to and from Golden Rule?
Will you keep Golden Rule health records up to date when you get vaccines, heartworm, flea and tick preventive?
Are you willing to feed a high quality 4-5 star dog food?
Do you understand that rough pay and other negative behaviors are inappropriate when playing with Golden retrievers and poodles?
Do you agree that should the guardian dog breed or become bred by any dog other than a Golden Rule dog, you will be responsible for paying a $1500 stud fee?

Please Note: Golden Rule will always cover costs associated with health testing, breeding, whelping, spaying and neutering. Should you for any reason become unable to care for the guardian dog, the dog should immediately be returned to Golden Rule.